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Why can lattice laser remove hyperplastic scars

Dot matrix laser is a newly developed cosmetic plastic surgery technology. This technology is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive. Scars on the face will undoubtedly affect our external image. Many friends want to know the method to remove hyperplastic scars. Although there are many methods to remove scars, the same method is not necessarily suitable for all people. The lattice laser introduced today will have great advantages in removing hyperplasia.

Why can lattice laser remove hyperplastic scars

What are the advantages of dot matrix laser in removing hyperplasia? Let’s first understand what is dot matrix laser. Dot matrix laser treatment of scars mainly uses laser to evenly punch small holes on the skin. The laser can directly penetrate the surface of the skin and improve the skin circulation. It is the rearrangement of elastic fibers in the dermis and the obvious increase of collagen tissue, so as to repair the sunken scars.

The biggest advantage of dot matrix laser is to treat scars through micro plastic method. The large light spot is directly decomposed into several small beams, which directly act on the scar part. The variable array laser will not cause damage to the normal skin. After treatment, the healing of the damaged part will be very fast, and the quality is relatively safe. The scar can be overcome through the deep treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

The process of dot matrix laser treatment will not produce pain and irritation. Unlike the traditional skin grinding, it will not have the symptoms of blood and flesh blur. It is not allowed to bandage after treatment, and the recovery speed is relatively fast, which will not affect our normal life and work. For all kinds of skin types, we can choose dot matrix laser for treatment. At the same time, we should understand the causes of scar formation and actively prevent the appearance of scars.

By understanding the methods of dot matrix laser to remove hyperplasia, we should actively prevent scar hyperplasia in our daily life. There are many reasons for scar hyperplasia, so we must pay more attention to the treatment of wounds at ordinary times. Timely disinfection and treatment are very important. In the process of scar repair, we need to pay attention to dietary care and eat less irritating food as far as possible, Prevent the occurrence of scar hyperplasia.