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What are the sequelae of dot matrix laser? Pay attention to the three sequelae of dot matrix laser

Dot matrix laser is the latest generation of skin beautifying instrument. It can solve skin problems such as acne scars, stretch marks, color spots and so on. Many middle-aged women must have heard of dot matrix laser even if they have not done medical beauty projects. The super efficacy of dot matrix laser in skin beautification makes many beautiful women eager to try, but they are worried about the sequelae of dot matrix laser. Therefore, they always take a wait-and-see attitude towards dot matrix laser. What are the sequelae of dot matrix laser? Let’s learn more about it.

What are the sequelae of dot matrix laser? Pay attention to the three sequelae of dot matrix laser

  1. Pigment precipitation

One of the major sequelae after dot matrix laser treatment is pigmentation. Pigmentation may occur whether deprivation dot matrix laser or non exfoliative dot matrix laser. However, compared with the traditional laser, the probability of pigment precipitation in dot matrix laser is still lower. The reason why some beauty lovers have pigment precipitation may be that the skin is exposed to the sun before operation, or the doctors operate improperly, and the laser setting parameters are unreasonable, which makes the laser damage the skin barrier function and cause the inflammatory reaction of the skin.

  1. Erythema

After dot matrix laser treatment, erythema may appear on the skin. Erythema includes transient erythema and persistent erythema. Transient erythema does not need special treatment and will disappear after a period of time. Persistent erythema generally refers to the time of skin erythema for more than one month after dot matrix laser treatment.

  1. Infection

Dot matrix laser is divided into Exfoliative and non exfoliative dot matrix laser. Exfoliative dot matrix laser will produce wounds on the skin. If you don’t pay attention to the nursing of skin wounds after operation, it is prone to various virus and bacterial infections. In addition, if the face is not cleaned thoroughly before treatment, or the instrument is not disinfected thoroughly, it is also prone to the risk of infection.

The above is about the three sequelae of dot matrix laser treatment. I believe you should have a general understanding. In order to avoid the sequelae of dot matrix laser, we must choose professional and formal beauty institutions and find experienced beauty doctors for operation. In this way, we can achieve reasonable laser treatment parameters, standardized laser operation, complete instrument disinfection and ensure the safety of beauty in the whole process.