CO2 Fractional Laser

The role of lattice laser?

Laser dot matrix surgery has many effects. We use this kind of surgery mainly for the beauty and skin care of facial skin, which can help us remove chloasma and acne on our face. To remove chloasma on the face, we can choose the laser dot matrix. The key is that the laser dot matrix can promote the dissolution of melanin. For the purpose of dot matrix laser and the basic principle of treatment, we can master the following contents.

  1. In terms of the basic principle of laser dot matrix therapy, it selects the new partial treatment method of CO2 laser, uses the kinetic energy of CO2 laser to penetrate into the lower side of the skin and convert the irritating new collagen powder into, and uses the kinetic energy in a phased manner, that is, a small amount of heat damage is separated, so that all normal tissues in the heat damage will not be affected, and these skin can be used as a heat diffusion area, Prevent possible side effects such as heat damage. In addition, it can promote the whole process of skin healing and enable patients to repair in a shorter time. Use the basic principle of laser dot matrix to remove freckles, actual effect and face problems such as acne pits and marks!
  2. The basic principle of laser dot matrix also selects laser dot matrix, which can heal skin wounds in a short time. According to the natural repair of the body, replace the defective damaged tissue, and then cause the tissue to upgrade physical and mental health. Make the skin collagen powder cause immediate folding effect, and can stimulate the proliferation of collagen powder for a long time, so as to achieve the practical effect of removing wrinkles, removing scars, whitening and rejuvenating skin, and dealing with abnormal melanin and other skin problems.
  3. The technology is also contemptuous of the same industry at the scar removal level, especially for the treatment of proliferative scars, acne marks and stretch marks. The epoch-making invention patent and the application of laser dot matrix make laser scar removal more safe and reasonable. Each treatment takes only tens of minutes and does not affect the study and life at work. It is worth mentioning that laser dot matrix also has extraordinary main performance in acne, wrinkle removal and spot removal.

Finally, we need to pay attention to things before we consider doing laser dot matrix beauty and skin care. People with scar constitution first are not suitable for laser dot matrix surgery. Because they will scar after laser treatment, it will be very difficult for people with scar constitution to take it at the wound level! There are also skin diseases such as vitiligo, laser dot matrix is not suitable. Therefore, there is no need to remember that according to the laser, vitiligo can be treated.

According to the detailed introduction of the efficacy of laser dot matrix surgery, we firmly believe that everyone should understand the treatment goal of laser dot matrix surgery. Laser dot matrix surgery can repair the uneven skin and dissolve the pigmentation under the skin. The actual effect of skin beauty and skin care is very good.

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