Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

RF dot matrix laser?

Frequency laser dot matrix is a kind of surgical treatment. We firmly believe that many people understand that it can be used to repair skin aging and remove spots and scars. However, we should select reliable hospital clinics to carry out surgical treatment, so as to have the actual effect of skin care. The basic principle of repairing the frequency laser dot matrix is that the frequency radiation can make the skin collagen powder. In that way, the ductility of repairing the skin is very good. Everyone should master its treatment goal.

  1. The dot matrix laser frequency radiation is divided into micro needle beauty dot matrix laser frequency radiation and non-invasive dot matrix laser frequency radiation. The former one stabs the skin according to the micro needle beauty electric level and immediately warms the dermis. The latter one is composed of positive / negative electrodes. The skin at the electric level touch position causes significant thermal damage due to too high temperature, The skin in the middle of the overall target area remains intact or only slightly involved.
  2. Research shows that dot matrix laser RFID technology is a safe and reasonable way of beauty and skin care, which can lift and tighten, remove wrinkles, improve the skin, significantly improve the shrinkage acne scar, and improve inflammatory acne and post-inflammatory erythema. It has fewer side effects, including tolerable pain, transient erythema, edema and slight scar. The shutdown period is very short, The risk of pigmentation after inflammation is small, which is more suitable for dark skin color groups. In order to obtain stronger clinical medical efficacy, we can try to use the lattice laser frequency with other machines and equipment. For example, the synergistic treatment of atrophic lines with dot matrix laser frequency injection and dot matrix laser carbon dioxide laser is more effective than a single treatment. In recent years, there have also been some integrated platforms combined with optical machinery and equipment. Lattice laser frequency is also used to assist the percutaneous transmission of drugs. At this stage, some academic researches have applied lattice laser frequency irradiation to assist the transmission of a variety of drugs, such as triamcinolone acetonide and retinoic acid, and achieved satisfactory practical results in the treatment of stretch marks and hypertrophic scars.
  3. Difference between frequency emission and laser lattice

One is the laser, the other is the frequency radiation, which is essentially different. The laser dot matrix is mostly used to remove the scar, while the vertical frequency radiation is mostly used to compact and improve, and the time for frequency radiation to maintain the actual effect is short At this stage, laser dot matrix is the latest and hottest technology in the recent two years, and it is also the most concerned new skin cosmetology technology in the skin industry all over the world.

In general, the frequency laser dot matrix surgical treatment uses the frequency laser method to remove wrinkles on the face, but the maintenance time is relatively short, and the maintenance technology of the laser dot matrix is relatively new, and the actual effect is the best. Therefore, we suggest that we should use the laser dot matrix method to remove chloasma and its wrinkles.

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