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Precautions for dot matrix laser acne removing printing

  1. Do not remove the scab manually: the scab cannot be removed by force, but should be allowed to fall off by itself. Otherwise, it will not only prolong the recovery process of the face, but also lead to the scar at the wound.
  2. Keep the wound clean and dry: the surgical wound should be kept clean and dry, can not be scrubbed, avoid sunlight, and locally use antibiotic ointment when necessary. This ointment can promote the recovery of laser acne removal marks.
  3. Use the repair cream according to the regulations: in order to restore the natural state of the skin lines after laser acne removal, you must follow the doctor’s plan until the skin lines are long. After using laser to remove pox, 4 times a day should be applied to repair the cream. Before applying the cream, it is necessary to use the facial milk without acid, soap and treatment. Wash the parts thoroughly with no foam facial milk, then dry all the water with the tissue, then apply the cream.
  4. Avoid hormone products: pay attention not to use inferior cosmetics, skin changing, peeling and hormone products after laser acne removal treatment.
  5. Avoid exfoliation and sauna: do not exfoliate or steam mulberry within six months after laser acne removal. Sunscreen should be used in conjunction with sunscreen during the day to avoid direct vision when going out.

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