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How often does the dot matrix laser do the dot matrix laser interval

Although the effect of dot matrix laser is very good, it can not be done frequently. Generally speaking, it is better to do the second time at least two months apart, because the skin needs a recovery period.

How often is the dot matrix laser done

At least every two months.

Dot matrix laser treatment will first destroy pathological skin tissue and stimulate collagen regeneration. Skin metabolism is generally 1-2 months, and it takes 3-6 months to complete all internal regeneration. If the interval between two physiotherapy sessions is too short and the skin does not have enough time for self-cultivation, it will cause great damage to the skin. According to clinical experience, cosmetic doctors generally recommend that they do it again at least every two months.

Why should dot matrix laser be separated by two months

Laser treatment is determined according to the actual situation of everyone’s skin. In recent years, this operation method is relatively hot, but with the growth of age, the skin will continue to age. Generally, it can be done two to three times, and frequently it will cause cutin damage to the skin. If the interval between two treatments is too short and the skin does not have sufficient time to recover, it will cause great damage to the skin. Therefore, according to clinical experience, it is generally recommended to interval at least two months.

What skin problems are lattice lasers suitable for

Dot matrix laser can solve skin problems such as poor skin color, poor skin quality, chloasma, pigmentation, superficial scars, superficial acne scars, large pores, small wrinkles and so on. It can also enhance the absorption capacity of the skin and strengthen the moisturizing effect.

What should we pay attention to when finishing dot matrix laser

  1. Make up water

Fairies who love beauty must pay attention to replenishing water after dot matrix laser, because if they do not replenish water, it is easy to dry the skin and cause darkness after laser treatment. The specific way to replenishment is to use medical repair mask in half a month after dot laser treatment. This mask usually contains ceramide and other components. Ceramide is also present in our skin epidermis. Postoperative recovery is beneficial to the repair of auxiliary skin and shorten the process of skin repair.

2 do not use facial cleanser

The fairy who loves beauty can’t use facial cleanser within three days after the dot matrix laser last night, because the tiny wound of the skin hasn’t healed completely, and the facial cleanser contains a lot of chemical components, which will cause damage to the skin, so she can’t use facial cleanser immediately. Usually, 14 days after the dot matrix laser, the skin will basically return to normal, and then the fairies can use the previous facial cleanser.

3 avoid sweating

No matter whether there is a wound on the face after the dot matrix laser, you should try not to sweat after the operation, because the substances contained in the sweat are easy to cause infection after the dot matrix laser operation. Therefore, in order to avoid the influence of sweat on dot matrix laser cosmetology, it is suggested that fairies should pay attention not to do some sweating activities and sports after dot matrix laser, so as to ensure the dryness and cleanliness of the dot matrix laser treatment site.

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