How many times is the dot matrix laser effective? How many times is the dot matrix laser in a course of treatment

Dot matrix laser is generally effective only after at least one course of treatment, that is, it needs to be done more than two or three times. Many people feel that it has no effect once. This is very normal. We should stick to it. The effect of dot matrix laser is still very good.

How many times is the dot matrix laser effective

Dot matrix laser generally needs about 3 ~ 5 times of treatment, with an interval of 1 ~ 2 months. But it is not effective for everyone, and the effect varies from person to person according to their own situation.

It is recommended to go to a regular hospital, pay attention to sunscreen, do not eat stimulating food, avoid excessive use of skin care products, and take vitamin E and vitamin C for external use. This therapy is generally effective for the first time, and the curative effect is ideal for about three times. However, everyone has physical problems and the curative effect is different. It is recommended to communicate with ideal medical personnel for treatment.

How many times does the dot matrix laser take a course of treatment

Usually 2-3 times.

Dot matrix laser should be done several times in a course of treatment, which is determined according to the actual situation of the skin. Don’t be greedy. Some people can achieve better cosmetic effect by doing it once. Like removing acne, acne marks and light spots, it is generally OK to do it 2-3 times. Doing it too often is not good for the skin and is easy to damage the cutin.

How long can the dot matrix laser recover

1、 The epidermis can recover in 3-7 days

During treatment, matrix shaped small white spots are formed at the part directly penetrated by the laser, the epidermis will completely heal within 8 hours, the scab at the small white spots will fall off within 3-7 days, and the skin will return to normal in appearance.

2、 The skin color returns to normal after 3-6 months

After dot matrix laser treatment, the regeneration of epidermis will appear within 24 hours, and the internal collagen regeneration can be as long as 6 months or even longer. Moreover, the skin color will be temporarily bronzed. According to the degree of treatment, the skin color will deepen within 3-14 days, then slowly become lighter, and will fully return to the normal color in 3-6 months.

Advantages and disadvantages of lattice laser


  1. It has a significant therapeutic effect on acne and scars.
  2. Compared with traditional laser, it has less damage and less side effects.


  1. The postoperative recovery time was relatively long.
  2. It is not permanently effective and needs repeated treatment.

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