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How long do you see the effect of dot matrix laser anti acne pit? Principle of dot matrix laser anti acne pit

Ladies and fairies who love beauty, if you do dot matrix laser acne removal, you can generally see that it is a little shallower in about a week. If you want obvious effect, you generally need to do it about three times. You should stick to it.

How long does dot matrix laser anti acne pit see the effect

In a week or so.

After the dot matrix laser is completed, the original tissue at the pox pit will be destroyed and eliminated first, and the regeneration of tissue will be promoted. Generally, after treatment, the pox pit will become lighter and the color will become lighter in about a week. If there is still a mark, you can continue 2-3 times of treatment.

Principle of dot matrix laser anti acne pit

The reason why dot matrix laser can remove acne pits is that dot matrix laser divides a laser beam into multiple beams, forming a heating area composed of laser action dot matrix and interval on the epidermis. Each laser action point is composed of single or several high-energy laser pulses, which can penetrate directly into the dermis. When the laser energy reaches a certain level, it will be transformed into heat energy. Thermal stimulation will lead to the immediate contraction of collagen in the dermis, the degeneration of collagen, and become the matrix for the synthesis of new collagen. Finally, new skin tissue will be produced to replace the skin with acne pits. This is the principle of dot matrix Laser Acne pit removal.

Dot matrix laser anti acne pit effect

From the point of view that the lattice laser can destroy the original tissue of the skin and promote the regeneration of the skin, the lattice laser has a better effect of removing acne pits.

The reason why dot matrix laser has the effect of removing acne pits is that acne pits are local necrosis of skin tissue caused by inflammation of skin cells, resulting in subcutaneous tissue defect scars. After dot matrix laser treatment, new skin cells will replace acne pits. Therefore, dot matrix laser has a better effect of removing acne pits. It is worth mentioning that if there are acne pits, it is best to do non exfoliative dot matrix laser and exfoliative dot matrix laser respectively. Generally, two pronged approach will have a better effect of removing acne pits.

Nursing care after dot matrix laser pox pit removal

  1. My doctor’s advice is not to touch water in the first three days. Some doctors also suggest seven days for wet healing. It’s good to listen to the doctor, but if it’s a big oily skin, pay attention. If you don’t wash your face, you will get acne.
  2. after finishing, there will usually be mask, growth factor, the hospital will be more expensive, you can also prepare for yourself, but must be sterile for medical purposes. Applying growth factor and spraying repair solution can be used for multiple times for wet healing.
  3. Be sure to pay attention to sunscreen. It’s normal to be red within one month. Don’t be afraid. Just take good care of it. If it’s okay, just be a photon.

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