Dot matrix laser treatment of raised scars?

The laser dot matrix can repair the scars and pockmarks on the skin, and the protruding scars can also be removed. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone should better master the medical treatment methods of clear surgical treatment, and choose a reliable beauty shop. The laser dot matrix is very good for treating raised scars. The key is that the laser dot matrix can promote the generation of skin collagen powder, promote the fall of scars, and then complete the actual effect of repairing skin.

  1. Compared with the traditional laser therapy, the dot matrix laser generator has a strong effect. This kind of plastic surgery can directly enter the deep level of the body’s skin, stimulate the dermal tissue at the injured position of the body, and correctly guide the reconstruction of the dermis to a great level. Collagen powder can make the scar light or even completely subside, so as to achieve excellent practical effect of skin care.
  2. The dot laser system used in laser dot matrix plastic surgery can remove skin scars and make the skin tissue bear very good dissolution. It creates very fine skin pores on the body’s skin, and the microplate implements a laser dot matrix. It can be turned off within 24 hours after the operation and can’t be seen by human eyes. Therefore, in the whole treatment process of laser scar removal, there is basically no exudate, bleeding and infection.
  3. When the scar is removed according to the point laser cosmetic surgery, the laser immediately passes through the scar area and produces many subtle cultivated matrix like leukoplakia. The skin around this white spot can immediately open the repair system. Skin takes only 8 hours. It can completely recover, and people receiving surgical treatment can clean their faces and take a bath. About 3 to 6 days after operation, the skin in the area of small leukoplakia will fall off and the skin will recover its appearance.

The above is a detailed description of point laser scar removal. I believe readers and friends have already learned something. Laser dot matrix to remove protruding scars was rated as the most suitable laser treatment for whole face treatment. This kind of surgical treatment can cause strong penetration when removing scars, but the damage to the skin is very small. Patients do not have to follow the trend blindly in the whole process of scar removal. They should consult doctors well and select reliable hospital clinics for regular inspection and treatment.

It is not difficult to see that the method of laser dot matrix surgery can remove the raised scar. We should pay attention to the solution of the raised scar and let the scar fall off automatically after the operation. We can’t touch the scar with force, otherwise it will cause skin infection, and we should also carry out skin care according to the doctor’s suggestions.

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