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Dot matrix laser repair?

It takes one or two months for the skin repair after laser dot matrix surgery to expire. During this repair period, we should pay attention to the skin care and do a good job in the common problems of surgical treatment according to the doctor’s suggestions, so as to prevent skin infection. In order to repair the skin quickly after laser dot matrix, we should pay attention to our own diet and correct our poor work and rest schedule, and prevent the skin from getting wet.

  1. Laser dot matrix surgical treatment is actually a relatively simple surgical treatment, with small trauma, short time, and excellent actual effect. Many people choose to do this surgical treatment, but very few people will pay attention to the common problems in the recovery period after laser dot matrix. In fact, the laser dot matrix hand recovers very quickly after surgery. Generally, the skin can be basically cured within 24 hours. However, in the whole process of repair, you must pay attention not to clean your face with tap water within three days. If you wash your face by hand, it may seriously affect the actual effect of surgical treatment.
  2. Laser dot matrix surgical treatment is the most rapid skin care surgical treatment, and the actual effect lasts for a long time. It is a very popular skin care surgical treatment to regenerate your skin according to the collagen repair system activated through the dermis. However, this kind of skin surgical treatment is not easy to do too much. Because the whole process of human skin growth and development has all normal physiological metabolism, if too much application of this kind of surgical treatment will cause inevitable damage to the skin.
  3. After the laser dot matrix surgery, you must pay attention not to touch water, and you don’t have to do too exaggerated facial emotions. You can go through the recovery period of the surgery, but you must pay attention to this common problem mentioned above within three days, otherwise the surgery may be in vain. Laser dot matrix surgical treatment is a safer skin care surgical treatment at this stage, which has been appreciated and loved by many women pursuing beauty, but this surgical treatment is an surgical treatment after all. Don’t do it too often.

For the above detailed introduction of the repair method of laser dot matrix, we firmly believe that everyone should understand that in order to promote skin repair, we should pay attention to skin care, and do a good job in common problems according to the doctor’s suggestions, so as to prevent postoperative skin infection and the increase of skin.

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