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Dot matrix laser postoperative care?

The post-operative medical care of laser dot matrix surgery is very effective in improving the success of surgical treatment and preventing skin infection. Therefore, we should follow the doctor’s suggestions to solve the post-operative medical problems. The post-operative medical care of laser dot matrix surgery needs to prevent touching water, and laser dot matrix surgery can not be carried out during lactation and its physiological period. For the actual medical care methods of surgical treatment, we can refer to the following contents.

Laser dot matrix therapy is to use the laser to add small round holes of ultrafine particles on the skin, so as to produce thermal spalling, thermal condensation and thermoelectric effect in the skin layer. Then it causes a series of skin biochemical reactions, and irritating skin carries out self repair. Achieve the actual effect of lifting and tightening, whitening and rejuvenating skin and removing color spots.


Repair acne pits, scars, acne, whitening and rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, spot removal, etc.

Suitable group

Reset patients with acne, acne marks and scars

Reduction of those with canthus wrinkles, fine lines, facial and forehead wrinkles, knuckle wrinkles and stretch marks

Reduction of pigmented lesions such as freckles and zygomatic mother spots

Reset those with loose skin and deep scars

Taboo group

Restore scar constitution

Reduction of severe diabetes, hypertension

Reset mental patients, or those with high expectations for treatment experience

Reset active vitiligo and psoriasis, targeted lupus erythematosus

Reset during pregnancy or lactation

Reset photoallergic symptoms

Reset those who have performed organic chemical peeling, cutting and its rejuvenation for beauty


Compared with traditional laser surgery, laser dot matrix is more widely used in clinical medicine

Reset can be used to treat skin problems such as youth acne marks, fine wrinkles, skin aging, chloasma, freckles, large pores and dark yellow on the face, especially for acne marks.


The recovery period of reduction operation is long, with a scar period of about 1 week

There may also be mild, mild and moderate swelling in the reset treatment position

Postoperative care

0-3 days swelling period

Nonspecific medical care:

  1. After treatment, do not touch the part with force immediately to prevent bacterial infection;
  2. The treatment position has a slight red and slight burning feeling, which belongs to all normal conditions and can be partially solved by cold compress to relieve swelling and pain.

4-7 days scarring period

Nonspecific medical care:

1., do fresh ground coffee, avoid spicy and smoke Baijiu, and avoid eating deep color food in recent time, such as: grinding coffee, Coca-Cola, etc., let the scab peel off automatically and not be forced to fall off.

  1. Do not sign up for vigorous fitness exercises to prevent infection after sweating;
  2. It is not suitable to wash your face with warm water within 5 days after facial treatment.

8-30 days scarring period

Nonspecific medical care:

  1. When there is slight dryness, scaling and scarring, do not scratch and remove the scarring by yourself, and make sure that the scab falls off by itself;
  2. Strict sunscreen isolation to prevent pigmentation caused by sunburn;
  3. Try to avoid ingredients or drinks with high food pigment composition.

The actual effect is stable from 31 days to 180 days

Nonspecific medical care:

  1. The treatment process usually requires several times (3-5 times), with an interval of 1-2 months;
  2. If color sink occurs, drug treatment will accelerate the dissipation of color sink;
  3. Be sure to prevent obvious wind and sun exposure within 3 months after treatment.

It should be mentioned that this kind of “damaging the skin” promotes the way to cure the skin, and the actual effect of a small amount of multiple meals is the best. You can’t eat a fat man in one breath. Therefore, if you have more acne scars, you should go many times!

The article introduces the medical treatment methods of laser dot matrix surgery in detail. It is expected that everyone should do a good job in the medical treatment of surgical treatment according to the content of the article, so as to prevent the infection of facial skin, and the situation of wind and sun can not appear after treatment. We should also pay attention to that the skin can not touch water.

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