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Does dot matrix laser remove acne and print pain? Does dot matrix laser remove acne and print side effects

There is slight pain in removing acne marks with dot matrix laser. If you are a friend who is usually afraid of pain, you can communicate with the doctor and apply anesthetic, which is generally tolerable. In addition, there are some side effects in doing dot matrix laser acne removing marks. Let’s get to know.

Does it hurt to remove acne marks with dot matrix laser

There will be a little pain.

Before doing dot matrix laser, you usually take care of your skin. If you are afraid of pain, you can communicate with the doctor to let you apply more and longer. During treatment, you will feel like basking in the sun. It’s a little hot. After treatment, you will feel some thermal expansion of your skin. At this time, the nurse will apply ice to you to alleviate the discomfort.

Side effects of dot matrix laser acne removing and printing

1、 Skin erythema

The risks of laser acne removal include erythema, including temporary erythema and persistent erythema, which generally occurs after beauty seekers use dot matrix laser to remove acne and India. As the treatment method of laser acne removal is to emit laser by scanning dot matrix, a burning area composed of laser action dot matrix and interval can be formed on the epidermis, which forms the subsequent erythema.

2、 The skin turns black instead

After removing acne marks with laser, the skin may turn black instead. This is related to sunburn before treatment or inadequate cooling after operation. To avoid, only those who seek beauty find a good doctor and strengthen sunscreen before and after surgery.

How long does dot matrix laser remove acne marks

Generally speaking, it takes one to two weeks. Don’t touch the wound with water 24 hours after operation to avoid infection. Small scabs will form at the parts of the dot matrix. The scabs will fall out in about a week. During this time, wear a mask to protect yourself from the sun. About 7 ~ 10, the new skin will gradually recover, and the color of acne marks will be smoother and lighter, We usually just need to pay attention to sunscreen. To tell the truth, lattice laser is a process of breaking the cocoon into a butterfly. If you can’t pay, you can’t get it. Therefore, I suggest you adjust your mind first and then start.

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