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Advantages of dot matrix Laser Acne Removal

Nowadays, due to people’s irregular diet, lifestyle, work pressure and other problems, people like acne on their faces. The appearance of acne on their faces will not only damage their beauty and brand image, but also make you uncomfortable. They choose to use all kinds of cleansers and plasters, but the acne on their faces disappears and grows again. As a new technology, laser acne removal is very popular among people who pursue beauty

Advantages of dot matrix Laser Acne Removal

Advantages of dot matrix Laser Acne Removal

  1. Full wavelength power

The wavelength of the dot matrix laser is 10600nm. Compared with the traditional laser, it has greater power. It can go deep into the deep layer of human facial skin, stimulate the repair of damaged tissues, produce more collagen and rearrange, and play a soft role.

  1. Customized treatment plan

The lattice laser can be customized according to individual needs. During the treatment process, the diameter and depth of micropores can be adjusted. In all lasers, only the processing range of lattice laser can be adjusted, and one-time processing can produce significant results.

  1. In 3-6 days, the skin will recover

During the treatment, the laser directly penetrates the area to form a matrix composed of small white spots. The skin around these small spots immediately starts the lateral repair mechanism, and the epidermis completely heals within 8 hours, so you can wash your face and take a bath. After 3-6 days, the scab at the small white spot falls off and the skin returns to normal. Moreover, the internal collagen can regenerate for up to 6 months or even 6 years.

Nursing precautions:

  1. The treatment site is very sensitive to sunlight after operation. Direct sunlight should be avoided 3-6 months after operation to improve the treatment effect.
  2. There is no need to apply ointment after scabs fall off, but the skin at the treatment site is fragile. Therefore, sunscreen measures should be taken. Sunscreen with SPF value of more than 15 should be used for sunscreen work, and UV damage should be avoided.
  3. Do not take aspirin or alcohol, and do not squeeze, press, touch or rub the treated surface.
  4. After laser acne removal, it is forbidden to eat photosensitive food and photosensitive drugs. Fasting on sensitive skin will cause skin allergy.
  5. Be careful to replenish water: after laser acne removal, the skin absorption capacity is enhanced and the metabolism is accelerated. Some patients may have dry skin and lack of water. Therefore, skin care is needed to replenish sufficient water and nutrition after operation.
  6. Follow the doctor’s advice and do a good job in postoperative health care.

To sum up, the advantages of dot matrix laser acne removal are to improve the skin and recovery time. If you have acne on your face and don’t know what to do but want to remove it, you might as well try dot matrix laser acne removal to make your skin more delicate.